Friday, 24 August 2012

Travelling Tips To Bormio,Itali


 Information about travel to Italy  take you want a first hand drive for the world famous still the o pass  the still the A pair of starts just sixteen kilometers or nine miles from  the town of four me up nestled at the foot of the swiss alps . we recommend starting your journey from this quite ski village for me it was just over two hundred and forty nine kilometers or one hundred and  fifty four miles from along the mountains. Airport  making it easy reachable in about three hours , you know it's filled with swiss chard  leveling with the hotel's and cobblestone streets . It was a year-round destination in the winter months it's a skiers delight  lips reaching three thousand meters or nine thousand eight hundred and  forty-two dizzying feet above sea level  in the summer . It was the starting point  of one of the world's best driving rodes.

Open from June to September each year  passo de lo silvio as the locals, it  is the highest paved mountain  pales in the eastern halves staggering two thousand seven hundred and fifty seven meters port nine  thousand  forty five feet. The original road was built between eighteen twenty and eighteen twenty five  hundred Austrian empire  to connect the former Austrian province  of Lombardi yet with the rest of Austria  today it is still as part of Italy the segment that will take you to  Switzerland  it's sixty hairpin turns are thrilled for drivers and any skill level an offer  amazing crystal clear alpine views and straightaways through thick forests  featuring some of the best scenery Europe has to offer .

Roads are perfectly maintained but traffic on the Mississippi river,summer  can be heavy on weekends. So enjoying the past during the weekdays  there plenty of places to pull over to enjoy the views and once you reach the  top of the past a cluster of hotels restaurants Pennsylvania shops away  make sure travelers bring home a keepsake to prove you made it to the top of the still here .
While you're there enjoy one of the laugh and talk with vendors  selling grilled sausages with onions and sauerkraut . Coming down the opposite side of the past mannitol drive through some rush and green landscapes as you make your way through the valley  allow at least two hours to get completely through the still here  the largest town over the past is both sides and on the way you'll pass through quaint little towns and miles of apple  orchards .

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